Frank A. Schuler III, M.D.

“After my liposuction, there was some excess skin that didn’t tighten.  Exercise and dieting did not eliminate the issue.  I tried the Viora Reaction and much to my surprise I am so beyond happy with the results on the sides of my chest under my arms after just one treatment!  The new Reaction is awesome.  There is no “down time” or recovery time.”

“After one facial and neck Reaction treatment, people who aren’t aware of my treatments say,  Oh my goodness, Eddie! You look amazing, rested and relaxed!”

“I am recommending this to all of my friends, especially men who want to look more youthful without having anyone be aware that they have had cosmetic enhancements.”

Eddie Sturgill, patient

I developed severe acne after I turned 30. I struggled with it for almost 3 years and tried EVERYTHING over the counter. From the recommendation of the fabulous aestheticians –I went on a regimen of glycolic peels to treat my skin condition.

The discomfort was minimal, and I saw improvement after the first treatment.

The initial intent was to clear my acne, but it also helped a great deal with uneven pigment and texture, providing me with an even skin tone that everyone noticed. These treatments not only worked wonderfully for my acne, but for my self-esteem and confidence level as well. For years I was self-conscious about my appearance and afraid to stand out, because of my acne. Now it feels like I have a new lease on life! Thank you to all the staff of Frank A. Schuler III, M.D. Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.

Mel Ebron

Thanks to Botox and the resurfacing laser my face is as smooth and clear as a baby's bottom.

Danny butler